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Sat Sep 8 20:58:25 UTC 2007

Which partition was installed second?
If you just reformat a drive that is storing the grub configuration, you 
wont be able to boot...

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> Robert Schlueter wrote:
>> I am running ubuntu 7.04. I have a second installation on another
>> partition that I am not using. I want to delete that installation and
>> recover use of that drive to my main Ubuntu installation. Formating the
>> drive and installing the drive as new should do it but I'm not sure how
>> to do it. The gnome partitioner doesn't seem to offer any solution. Any
>> help would be appreciated.
>> Bob
> gpartd is pretty straight forward. just run it. select the partition you
> want formatted, repartition it( if necessary) with the partition you
> desire, format it, done
> qtpartd is also pretty good, but i perfer gpartd
> --cj
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