Acer Aspire AST180-VD4400A Desktop-Questions/Driver Availability

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Fri Sep 7 14:17:34 UTC 2007

Niels Larsen wrote:
> On Friday 07 September 2007 06:01:20 Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> Thinking of buying it, so trying to do my homework, googling.
>> Found one link saying the mobo(NVIDIA 6100 nForce 405) is fully Linux
>> conpatible but:
>> Several links indicated there is problems getting audio and NIC card
>> working correctly. NIC is Marvel Yukon 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabyte Ethernet
>> controller which google didn't hit.  Audio is Realtec HD audio also no
>> info found.  Anyone with this system have any luck getting NIC and Audio
>> to work?  Any comments/info appreciated.
>> Also found links about poor video quality for the onboard NVIDIA nForce
>> 405 video. Is there an updated Feisty driver that fixes the poor video?
>> Also found links about it being a hybred audio between Creative and some
>> other sound card, don't remember what. Does anyone know if this issue
>> has been resolved concerning the proper driver.  The onboard video is
>> supposed to be 256MB shared memory but found links saying only 64 MB is
>> shared?
>> My best hope is for someone running this system to tell me everything is
>> working under Ubuntu so I can buy it tomorrow or Saturday at latest
>> before the Best Buy sale expiress.  The price is right! However, any and
>> all feedback is welcomed, good or bad.  It' time for an upgrade here;
>> looking for significant speed improvements over my PIII, 450 Mhtz
>> machine, circa 2000.
>> Thanks for your input,
> ***
> You can probably get it to work, but the newer the hardware the more problems 
> you will run into, because som drivers may be missing in the kernel, at this 
> time.
> I have just bought at brand new HP DV 9540 laptop, and am constantly having 
> problems (problems with the video card (black screen), difficulty to get my 
> webcam work, problems with wireless).
> All my older hardware (3 to 4 years old) computers work without much problems.
> So buy it, but be prepared, and use this list? :-)
Thanks, the list will be used. IWCTW, I could use the NIC and Sound Card 
from the old HP Pavilion 8370 I'm replacing(circa 1997) but the video is 
a concern.  The urge for speed is getting to me, so I'll prob buy.
Thanks again,
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