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Russian is not exotic although more complete and allows for more articulate
expression than most other languages, which in tern makes it extremely
complicated language to learn (even for native speakers). I have no idea
where your lawyer friend pulled the 3 different alphabets from since I am
fluent in Russian and only know of one (alphabet).

In regards to the county: it's a miserable, corrupt and a racist place that
teaches 18yo kids how to kill, where pensioners (those WWII veterans you
spoke about) struggle to survive and resort to look for left-over's in
rubbish bins. They rather exists like they have in the past, behind the iron
curtain ignorant of everythign and everyone instead of evolve with the rest
of the world. Not to mention all those mail order brides… Anything to get
away from that hell hole. Besides that, yeah, it's a great place.

On 06/09/07, Brian Fahrlander <brian at> wrote:
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> Fajar Priyanto wrote:
> >> (Couldn't help it...I started there, back around 1989, it's never
> really
> >> gotten much better I'm afraid...)
> >
> > No, I started my Linux journey on Redhat 7.3. So, I guess I miss one of
> > important stages in the 'good old days' of computing.
> >
> > The Russian (USSR back then, around 1989) embassy in my country used to
> offer
> > FREE Russian language course. I called them and I almost took it because
> I
> > thought Russian language was very exotic, but my father forbid me for
> who
> > knows the reason.
>    Interesting; yeah, Russian isn't easy...a lawyer friend of ours
> learned it- he talked of three different's what happens
> when your country is comprised of *11* time zones. It's a huge place,
> with good times and bad, but a lot of sadness. They've showed amazing
> strength and courage, like in World War 2, amassing against Hitler,
> moving a steel foundry AND a tank factory over the mountains...with no
> hydraulics, just carts and people. if anyone's due some good times and
> happy people, it's them.
>    Unfortunately I've had an American Public School education, so vast
> amounts of world history is unknown to me.  All I know is what I've been
> interested in. It's sad, here; it's more important to protect teacher's
> pay (even for bad ones!), than to teach the children. And because of
> that, the entire nation suffers.
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