Computer shutting down

Peter peterjohndavies at
Wed Sep 5 19:28:38 UTC 2007

Thanks for all the ideas. The matter has been resolved. The computer shut
down (went into hibernation I guess) when it was set to never sut down and
maimum time for the screensaver to kick in. I changed the screensaver to
kick in after 15 mins and this seems to have solved the problem. Also the
screen was freezing at various times-usually after an hour and this has been
solved too! At the same time I installed the latest kernel version for edgy
eft so this might have had something to do with it..
Has anyone any other theory or do you think this is a bug that should be
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> On Saturday 01 September 2007 02:28:44 Peter wrote:
> > If I leave my computer whilst it is downloading it shuts down after an
> > hour and I lose what I have been downloading - in this case Open office
> > (a 32mb download). This has happened 5-6 times.This does not happen
> > under windows so it must be something to do with Linux.  I have set
> > Power management to never for putting the computer to sleep. Can anyone
> > help please.
> > Peter
> Hi Peter
> Check in
> System --> Preferences --> Power Management
> I think the default is set to power down after so long if not attended. U
> change the length of time or if running on power rather than battery, it
> be set to never
> James
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