How to avoid the Apple tax?

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Wed Sep 5 06:31:08 UTC 2007

Michael R. Head spake thusly :
> On Fri, 2007-08-24 at 22:15 -0700, Scott (angrykeyboarder) wrote:
>> I find OS X to be the best of both worlds.
>> Frankly, if I could get past the fact that Apple hardware is overpriced,
>> I'd be a Mac owner.
> Is this true anymore? 

It is becoming much less so, but now the problem now is they just don't
have the (Desktop) hardware I want. They've found a way to get serious
$$$ for their "competitively priced" hardware (it's called, not as many

I don't care for the iMac. Yes, it looks great, but I'd like a
traditional desktop and separate monitor (e.g. a Mac Pro).  IF they'd
split the monitor off from the rest of it, it would indeed appeal to me.

What do I like? Well, the Mac Pro, but it's basically a "workstation".
For me, that is overkill.  I just took a gander at workstations on a few
other sites and depending on configuration (another thing that's hard to
match up for a fair comparison) Apple *can* be a better deal (or not....).

But either way a workstation is out of my league price wise. And it's
*serious* overkill use wise.

The Mac Mini is (finally!) almost to the point of appealing to me. Now
if it just had a video card (Yes Apple, you can triple the dimensions of
the box, I don't mind...).

> It is now possible to get a Macbook for the same price as a similarly
> configured Dell laptop...

A MacBook or a MacBook Pro?  It's the same situation with those as well.
The latter is overkill, the former is insufficient. Dell's XPS Notebooks
are the closest thing they have to the MacBook Pro and just like the
MacBook Pro, they are overkill (for me).

Another note to Apple: come out with a 15" MacBook and you'll get my
attention (anything smaller is not of interest to me..).

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