About installation ubuntu

James Takac p3nndrag0n at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 23:48:29 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 05 September 2007 08:56:12 €®!© Jansen wrote:
> Hi,
> I have problems during the installation of ubuntu to my laptop (it's LG
> E50, Intel Core Duo T7100 1.8GHz, nVIDIA GeForce 8400M G, 2048 MB DDRAM) I
> believe it must be relating to the driver of VGA. it could not get into
> xwindow. Please help me how to solve this problem?
> I am also a beginner of Linux and I love Linux. I need someone to guide me
> for the course of commands inside Linux.
> Thanks,
> sincerely yours,
> Eric Jansen

Hi Jansen

Which cd did you try to install from. I'm guessing you used the live cd? A 
number of the newer systems don't appear to handle the installer from that cd 
to well? Someone I think suggested trying for the text install via the live 
cd. Or you can download the alternate cd which is the same ubuntu minus the 
live bit. It seems to install fine when the live cd wont


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