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Mark Loeser mark at
Tue Sep 4 15:25:24 UTC 2007

Peter Garrett <peter.garrett at> said:
> * Now the puller:
> 	Not exactly a puller with IMAP - we just connect to the IMAP 
> 	server to see what is there ( think webmail without a web 
> 	browser).You can even do this in one line something like
> mutt -f imaps://arthur.dent:t0w3Lm1ss!
>                     ^^^^      ^^^^
>                    username:password 
>         The -f tells mutt it is looking for a file. It doesn't care if 
>         the file is local or not. this way is a bit clumsy, and we 
>         probably want to use TLS or something similar rather than a 
>         plain text login. ~/.muttrc allows us to do this.

The built-in imap support can be a bit slow.  You might want to look
into offlineimap, which will sync the remote imap server into a local
Maildir.  I use this for my email at work and have offlineimap sync
against our Exchange server.

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