Feisty live CD killed HD

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Sep 4 14:21:50 UTC 2007

m_epling wrote:

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Please don't post in HTML.

> thats crazy ...you must be a windows FUD person . no way a live cd can
> destroy a hard rive even during a format <br>

Please pay attention - nobody here was spreading "windows FUD".  Brian
reported something he'd obviously been told, but _said_ he didn't believe

That said, "No way" is too strong a term.  Anything that is going to rewrite
partition tables has a chance of seriously screwing up the drive.  I would
think that _if_ that's what happened, the drive _can_ always be brought
back to full use, but the prevailing view that the drive was already flakey
is far more likely.

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