How to protect my Ubuntu PC in a non-secure wifi NW?

Njoku, George O. njokug at
Mon Sep 3 16:34:39 UTC 2007

Connecting to an open WIFI network is the first issue in this security
scenario. If you administer the access point(s), I suggest using WEP or
WPA protocols.

On the issue of you PC, should

1. Always keep up2date with packages (to avoid vulnerabilities)
2. Disable services/daemons you`re not using or don't deem necessary to
run. (netstat -atp)
3. Scan your PC for open ports (know whats listening on open ports)
4. Ignore pings to your PC (echo 0  >
5. Uses iptables, or any good Linux firewall
6. Encrypt files and directories and emails(gpgdir and gpg)
7. Get into habit of reading log files (/var/log/*)


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I have heard a lot about the vulnerabilities when connecting a PC to a
non-secure wifi network but don't know how to protect my private data in
this kind of environment, e.g. web access, email, chat, etc. 

Please share your experience. Thanks.


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