Ooops - Re: Amarok/xine driver problems

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Sun Sep 2 12:19:43 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2 Sep 2007 05:55:09 -0500
ben miller <wheelscribe at> wrote:

> Amarok won't recognize my xine drivers. Any time I try to play anything I get 
> the message 'xine was unable to initialize any audio drivers.' 
Oops,  Ben - it seems I spoke too soon.
Xine plays mp3 without the extra codecs package here, I just tried it :(

I haven't looked at what the extra codecs actually support since I fired
off an answer...

Ah, it appears that libxine-extracodecs is a metapackage/ transitional
package, and its only dependency is libxine1-ffmpeg 

... which is installed as a dependency of xine-ui  now ....

So my solution is probably not a solution for you - sorry.


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