Gutsy upgrade question: Manually downloading some packages using wget

Wulfy wulfmann at
Mon Oct 29 11:42:54 UTC 2007

Hugo Heden wrote:
> Hi again,
>> Now, how do I continue? How do I tell update-manager to continue, but
>> using the deb-files that I have manually downloaded?
> The obvious solution seems to be to copy the manually downloaded
> deb-files to the same location on the filesystem that update-manager
> has placed all the other gutsy-deb-files, and then just restart
> update-manager.. Right?
> Any ideas on where that would be?
> Hugo Heden
The standard place for downloaded debs is /var/cache/apt/archives ... at 
least it was for apt-based front-ends.  I don't use the new-fangled GUIs.



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