Dell laptop users: please send me your acpi-support file!

Loïc Martin loic.martin3 at
Mon Oct 22 09:56:02 UTC 2007

James Takac a écrit :
> On Sunday 21 October 2007 21:38:51 Loïc Martin wrote:
>> Dotan Cohen a écrit :
>>> On this Dell Inspiron 6400 / E1505 I have been going mad with
>>> suspend/resume. This worked fine in Fedora Core 6, touchy in Ubuntu
>>> Feisty, and not at all in Gutsy. I have played with everything obvious
>>> and not-so-obvious in /etc/default/acpi-support and I cannot get a
>>> system that suspends to RAM when I select "suspend to RAM" in
>>> KPowerSave. Please, Dell laptop users, send me your
>>> /etc/default/acpi-support files so that I can compare what works and
>>> what doesn't on Dells. Tell me what Dell you have and what suspend
>>> problems you have, if any.
>>> Thanks in advance!
>>> Dotan Cohen
>>> א-ב-ג-ד-ה-ו-ז-ח-ט-י-ך-כ-ל-ם-מ-ן-נ-ס-ע-ף-פ-ץ-צ-ק-ר-ש-ת
>>> A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
>>> Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?
>> Since we're talking about Dell laptops, my Inspiron 8200 fails to sleep
>> under Gutsy, while it was working perfectly under Feisty (hibernate
>> never worked), so I'm interested too :)
>> Loic
> Hi Loic
> I have the same model notebook as you and have noticed the exact same though 
> I've not been able to update to gutsy just yet. Have you still got your 
> nvidia card working on yours? Mind stopped working after a certain update in 
> feisty and I've never gotten it going again
> James
Here should solve the problem (I assume you're using the proprietary 
nvidia drivers):

If you don't have the buggy Samsung lcd screen, just add :

Option "UseDisplayDevice" "DFP-0"

in Section "Device" of /etc/X11/xorg.conf

So yours might be :

Section "Device"
Identifier "Videocard0"
Driver "nvidia"
Option "AddARGBGLXVisuals" "true"
Option "UseDisplayDevice" "DFP-0"

(since you won't be using the custom edid)


PS : Please tell us how the laptop sleeps/hibernates both in feisty and 
gutsy (for me in feisty it could only sleep) once you install gutsy.

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