local mirror questions

John Baker johnnyb at marlboro.edu
Thu Oct 18 15:13:31 UTC 2007


I setup a new local mirror for our Dapper servers because the one I 
inherited used and ancient Debian version with apt-mirror and had 
developed a bunch of problems. I had a couple of questions I hoped 
somebody could help me clear up.

Our old mirror used apt-mirror and split between us.archive.ubuntu.com 
for most packages and then security.ubuntu.com for security updates.

With apt-mirror not being in Dapper I use deb-mirror on the new one and 
just did release=dapper,dapper-security,dapper-updates from 

Is there any real difference between security updates from 
security.ubuntu.com and the dapper=security section of us.achieve that 
should prompt me to do this split again?

Also I used the ignore --ignore-release-gpg in the script and got an 
error message about it anyhow. I would like verify the key when 
updating. What it the right way to import this?

John Baker
Network Systems Administrator
Marlboro College
Phone: 451-7551 off campus; 551 on campus

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