resume scim crash down gnome

aaron cfj.ubuntu at
Fri Nov 30 01:19:50 UTC 2007

ubuntu version: 7.10 gusty
default language: English

I have installed the Chinese language support from the [system |
administration] and scim input tools. The scim can set up correctly
after restart the system.

Problem is whenever the scim takes effect, I can't rename my Desktop
files. It's seems that scim conflicts with the nautilus. So I have to
exit the scim. When I want to resume the scim using command "sudo scim
-d", another problem rise up, then, all my desktop panels disappear.

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# Use "X input Method" for all applications
# Per Ming's Documentation in SCIM, XIM Input Method is activated
# not only for old X-applications but also for GTK and QT appplication.
# If a user wish to use, GTK Input Method, (s)he can right-click input 
# area and select "Input Methods" and change from "X input Method" to 
# "SCIM Input Method".


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