Add the thunar icon to a XFCE panel

David Curtis dcurtis at
Fri Nov 30 22:36:22 GMT 2007

David Curtis wrote:
> David Curtis wrote:
>> Paul Smith wrote:
>>> Dear All,
>>> How can one add the thunar icon to a XFCE panel?
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Paul
>> Just right click on the panel, choose 'add new item', select 'launcher', 
>> fill in the name, description, choose an appropriate icon, and type in 
>> 'thunar' as the command, close and move the icon to the place you would 
>> like it to be.
>> It should open with your home dir.
> Oh, if you mean the actual thunar pixmap, it's located in 
> /usr/bin/share/pixmaps/thunar
Doh! I mean /usr/share/pixmaps/thunar

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