Tahoma font

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Fri Nov 30 11:38:51 UTC 2007

Willis wrote:
> Is it possible to install the Tahoma font into v.7.10 so that my e-Sword 
> will have a font to use?
will give you some idea about MS Fonts usage with Linux.

Here you'll find the fonts:

As e-sword imho is a windows applciation, I am assuming that you are
using it under wine.

In order to install the tahoma font for wine, download wd97vwr32.exe and
execute it like this
"wine wd97vwr32.exe"

Actually this installs Microsoft WordViewer 97, which is freely

By chance the Tahoma font is included there. So you do not need a
windows license when you use wordviewer to install the included font.

The other fonts that you can download from there are also worthwhile to
have and useable without the need to have a windows license.

kind regards

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