vmware-server 2

Jakob Lenfers ubuntu.mailinglisten at jl42.de
Thu Nov 29 15:50:30 UTC 2007

John Dangler schrieb:
> I installed vmware-server v2 beta to run some testing for my company.
> V2 apparently needs to have IPV6 turned off
> as well as having xinetd installed.
> I installed xinetd, but would like to start and stop this manually
> (ubuntu sets this up to start automatically).
> Also I need to stop IPV6.
> I'm sure I saw some threads in the list (or the forums) for the IPV6
> part, but haven't found it yet.

Sorry, no idea on that one.

> Any input would be greatly appreciated...

I tried v2 myself yesterday and switched back to 1.0.4 because they
ditched the console and replaced it with a webinterface. That means you
need a browser to view the VM. Thats all right, if you're only using it
for a server installation and need the screen only for installation, but
I use it here for my windows needs, if there are any, and I will not use
a browser to do this. :-)

Jakob, holding an to v1 until they change their minds and release a real

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