Help needed with mail server setup

Wade Smart wade at
Thu Nov 29 12:17:02 UTC 2007

11292007 0615 GMT-6

This is what I do:
fetchmail, postfix, dovecot.

fetchmail get mail from my domain host and gmail.
postfix puts it in dirs format.
dovecot serves it up to any mail client I chose to use.

You have to use ssl for gmail.
Look in the ubuntu wiki on how to do this.


Chris Lemire wrote:
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>              I am trying to setup the following,
>  and I have made some progress. Here's my setup.
>    Fetchmail (downloads from my gmail account)
>    Mutt (I need to recompile it to use an
>  encryption plugin and compression for email)
>    Evolution (Reads mail that Fetchmail
>  downloads, and needs to be able to use Postfix for sending
>  emais)
>    Procmail (Sorts my email with regular
>  expressions and prints certain emails, I also need to set
>  it up in conjunction with Spam Assassin)
>    Fetchyahoo (downloads emails from my yahoo
>  account because pop3 access is not free for those
>  who sign up with and choose usa as their country)
>    Mailman (I'm still trying to figure out what I
>  am going to use this for, but I think it would
>  be very cool and useful to learn.)
>    Postfix (smtp server for relaying mail to a
>  smarthost.)
>  Here are my questions.
>    How can I know if I need SASL when setting up
>  Postfix?
>    How can I know if I need SMTP Authentication?
>    Do I need it because gmail uses it even though
>  I will be relaying mails to my internet
>    Should I configure Postfix to use mbox or
>  Maildir format?
>    Why should I configure it to use one or the
>  other?
>    Does Fetchmail use mbox or Maildir?
>    Which one does it use by default?
>    Should I configure Postfix to use the same as
>  Fetchmail?
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> Christopher Lemire
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