Help - complete Linux newbie

H.S. hs.samix at
Thu Nov 29 04:37:04 UTC 2007

Hal Davis wrote:
> Read the PCMag article on Linux, and decided to download Ubuntu, because 
> they said it was good for newbies, and it came with a reliable partition 
> utility so I could make my laptop into a dual-boot device.
> Completed the 20-minute download, and I now have a 700 MB .iso file on 
> my Windows desktop. Trouble is, I try double-clicking on the file and 
> nothing happens. I get a message about an external file needing to be 
> opened, and I tell it, sure, whatever, and nothing happens.
> How do I make the magic happen?
> Hal Davis

You need to burn that ISO image to a CD. Try a CD burning application on
your computer. I am not sure about all the options available in Windows,
but I have used Nero for this in the past. Note that in a CD burning
application, you must choose to "Burn an image" or "burn an ISO file" to
 CD -- when the dialog box opens asking you to select the iso file,
select the Ubuntu iso file you downloaded earlier.

After burning the disk, reboot your computer with that CD in the CDROM
drive (make sure your computer is to look in the CDROM first during

Good luck.


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