2 hard disks

John Carlyle-Clarke jpcc at bigfoot.com
Wed Nov 28 23:03:51 UTC 2007

norman wrote:
> I am setting up a new computer for my granddaughter, installed Edubuntu
> and everything works without any problem. I have the hdd from the old
> machine on which is installed Win XP. If I put this old drive into the
> new computer, along with the new one, could it be made available in case
> she needs to use windows for a game or something? I presume that the old
> drive would have to be set as a slave but what else needs to be done
> please?
Am I right in thinking that the Windows drive is from a different PC?  
If so, you can probably forget it - I'd be surprised if Windows will 
boot.  You may find that it will after you do a repair installation (I 
suggest you do that with the drive as the only drive connected to avoid 
the Windows installer munging your Linux install).  It may be easier 
just to re-install Windows.

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