digital video

Darren Mansell darren at
Wed Nov 28 21:24:28 UTC 2007

You normally need to sudo chmod 777 /dev/raw1394 unless you are in the
disk group.

If it says no such file or directory then sudo modprobe raw1394

Make sure the camera is turned before going into Kino.

Oh and read the help for Kino. Its much better and more intuitive than
it first seems.

On Wed, 2007-11-28 at 16:13 +0000, norman wrote:
> > Did you already try "kino"?
> I entered kino in the space provided, plugged in the firewire connection
> to the camera, switched on and nothing happened. I was hoping that kino
> would have started when the connection was made. I also
> tried /usr/bin/kino  but the result was the same. 
> Norman

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