MAC security (Re: Question about Wireless)

David Vincent dvincent at
Wed Nov 28 17:11:58 UTC 2007

Richard Bennett wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 00:33:26 +0100, David Vincent  
> <dvincent at> wrote:
>>> Just out of curiosity, is there any known way (not brute force) to  
>>> discover
>>> such permitted MAC addresses that script kids can exploit?
>> Without any encryption on the wireless network it is trivial to capture
>> some packets  (with say, Wireshark) and gather a MAC which is allowed to
>> talk on the network...
> Yes, but if MAC address access control is active you wouldn't get access  
> to the wireless network to do the sniffing.
> Do you think you would still be able to monitor the broadcast address and  
> ARP packets even if your MAC address had not been whitelisted?

You don't need access to the network to sniff it.  That's the point.

I don't need to talk on the network, I just need to listen to the 
packets as they whiz by in the air and capture a few.


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