MAC security (Re: Question about Wireless)

Leo Cacciari leo.cacciari at
Tue Nov 27 16:25:07 UTC 2007

Il giorno mar, 27/11/2007 alle 10.40 -0500, Miano, Steven M. ha scritto:
> Seriously though, how secure do you need your WAP, and what do you do for a living that you need to wear that tin foil hat?
Hi Steven,
  the problem is not what _I_ do, the problem is (could be) what someone
hijacking my Internet connection could do. As a rule, you are hold
responsible for any use of your Internet connection, both from your ISP
and by the Law. If someone uses your Internet connection for illegal
purposes _you_ could be held responsible, unless _you_ prove it wasn't
you accessing the Internet with your ISP account. Proving that sort of
thing can be at best a PITA and at worst _impossible_. Thus, event
thought you've nothing to hide, I'll advise you to use some stronger
authentication technique on your WAP.

  legal issues are different from one country to another, thus maybe the
above doesn't apply to you. But I'm ready to bet that if someone use
your wireless connection to send some million spam messages your ISP
will terminate your account without even bothering telling you why.

Leo "TheHobbit" Cacciari

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