help configuring ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop

steve s.g.a at
Tue Nov 27 07:31:41 UTC 2007

Hi all from a new linux user and new to this users list.  
I would like help please to be able to use the external monitor attached
to my Lenovo ThinkPad T61 laptop. I have set out, as clearly as I can,
the relevent hardware/software specs. and my difficulties, in the
attached text file.
Thanks in anticipation,
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Lenovo ThinkPad T61 
model - 7664-15M

BIOS- lenovo vers 7LET52WW (1.22)

OS - Ubuntu Gutsy installed successfully and dual-booting with XP sp2, with 2 GB


physical confign. - 
	built in 14" wide-screen native res - 1280x800, 60Hz +
	external monitor-Lenovo L192 19" wide screen, native res 1440x900, 60 Hz
	(Both work fine under XP)

VIDEO card- nvidia quadro nvs 140M,  128Mb

installed DRIVER - 
	NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (latest cards)
	Reported by "Restricted Drivers Manager" as ENABLED and in use. 

issues: 0.NVIDIA splash screen appears briefly before Ubuntu logon screen and
        laptop screen works fine at 1280x800 but only at 50Hz. Cannot get external 
        monitor to work. to get external monitor working - Fn + F7 not working to configure each monitor to work at their native res to switch between the two
	    4.enable 3D accelerated video effects

    a) memory allocation error reported after selecting ubuntu from grub and 
    before Ubuntu splash screen appears. Doesn't appear to cause any problem.
    b)Using the "Graphics" tab in "Screens and Graphics Options" to select the 
    correct driver and then the Screen tab to set the screen res, doesn't seem 
    to have any effect...I save the settings in a "location" but how do I make 
    that "location' the current one i.e to apply its settings?



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