Totem Problem

Ed Arnold era at
Mon Nov 26 18:35:37 UTC 2007

"Ankur Jain" <ankurj at> wrote:

>I face the following error when I am launching Totem : *"No video output is
>available. Make sure the program is correctly installed"*
>Any one facing the same problem?

Make sure you are absolutely up-to-date on system updates.  For several
weeks, one or more of the archives for 7.10 had munged dependencies,
such that I couldn't install the necessary prereqs for Totem.

When the dependency thing was finally fixed, I did a "apt-get install
w32codecs" and then, when the system installed these and their prereqs,
Totem started "working".  That is, it would at least play a .wmv file.

However, I wouldn't rely on Totem if playing .wmv files is part of what
you need to do.  The .wmv file I used, which works fine under mplayer,
has horrible distortion/pixillation that makes Totem unusable.

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