Intel Turbo Memory, aka Robson

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Nov 26 15:32:10 UTC 2007

Richard Bennett wrote:

> On Sun, 25 Nov 2007 22:26:22 +0100, G�©rard BIGOT
> <gerard.bigot at> wrote:
>> Simple,  I think the best thing to do is to put the swap partition on
>> this.
>> It solves the problem  with the restore from hibernation speed. It also
>> speeds the use of swap.
> I read that the eee PC that only has Flash memory doesn't use a swap
> partition at all, because you can only write to Flash memory x amount of
> times, and a swap partition would quickly damage the Flash memory
> permanently.
> Not sure if the Robsons would suffer from this too though.

That's what I was thinking.  So the OP's idea of using it for hibernate
images makes lots of sense, but not for regular swap.  

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