emacs and flyspell mode

Alain Muls alain.muls at telenet.be
Mon Nov 26 08:41:29 UTC 2007


Under ubuntu 7.04 I used emacs v21. I often need to write documents in 
Dutch, French and English. So I very much appreciated the ability to use 
flyspell which worked fine.

I upgraded to 7.10 and installed exactly the same packages under 7.10 as 
under 7.04 using the --get-selection/--set-selection option of dpkg. 
7.10 installs the emacs v22 (gtk version). The spelling does only work 
half: a 'ispell-buffer' command is correctly executed meaning I can 
correct the spelling errors, but the on-line 'flyspell-mode' does work.

Since under 7.04 I used emacs v21 I installed this version. The spelling 
has the same problem, ispell-buffer works, but flyspell-mode does not work.

I would very much appreciate the flyspell functionality again under 
emacs v22 gtk on ubuntu 7.10.

Is there really no one else how suffered from this problem and found a 
solution. I am getting desperate!

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