Compiz cube HOWTO...???

Larry Shields larry at
Sun Nov 25 13:04:51 UTC 2007

Chris Jones wrote:
> Hi,
>> I have a Nvidia Geforce4 mx440 w/128mb video card...Now I have been 
>> trying to get the cube to work, but I have had know success in doing 
>> so...Is there anyone using this same graphics card, and have the cube 
>> working...???
>> I have had problems in getting the correct Nvidia driver, but the one I 
>> now have installed is 96.43.01,
> yes, according to the nvidia linux driver README
> The latest driver does not support your card, so the 96.43.XX series is 
> the only one you can use.
>   and the effects do infact work, but not
>> the cube...I am running Ubuntu Gusty 7.10
> The cube is not enabled by default, instead some other desktop switching 
> plugin is enabled, and you cannot have both at once.
> Install ccsm (sudo apt-get install ccsm), run it, and enable the "Rotate 
> Cube" plugin (it will probably ask you to disable/enable a few others).
> Chris
Thanks Chris,

I did at one time have the cube enabled, but I just checked it and it 
wasn't...So after checking it, it now works...

Thanks for the reminder...It's to bad, but you would think that they 
would have a list of key commands for eachone of the effects, maybe they 
do but haven't seen it...

Again thanks for the reply... ;-)


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