why an SQL Database?

Kristian Rink kristian at zimmer428.net
Sun Nov 25 12:56:05 UTC 2007

Jan Torben Heuer schrieb:
> Why people always want to save everything in an relational database? I can't
> see any benefit in it. Yes, a good index can speed up searches, but a sql
> backend is in my eyes simply overkill.

It is likely to depend on both the amount of mails to be taken into
consideration and other requirements given in a special use case. I
agree with you about that looking at possibly having tons of binary
content (attachments and the like) stuffed to an RDBMS for the sake of
it. If you have to deal with vast amounts of mails however and want to
have search facilities more "sophisticated" than just sort of a
file-based grep, an SQL backend can make sense.

> Storing {java, c++, phyton, ...} objects in a relational database is another
> stupid story...

What's so bad about O/R mapping? I don't get your point honestly.


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