Wireless Question

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Sun Nov 25 07:53:54 UTC 2007

User Iam wrote:
> Right now I have two wireless g routers and two computers.. 
> ONe computer goes to 1  g router..
> the routers are  and
> Computers are and
> Both routers are using g...
> SSID is default

Make sure the SSIDs are the same - both with the default SSID doesn't 
necessarily mean they are the same unless the routers are the same type.

> Channel  is 6...
> All security is turned off..
> One routers is set to access point only...

How about the second router? Is it working as client or repeater? I don't 
know what settings might be available / necessary if it is in client mode 
because I can't set my routers as client. But when I tested with one 
router as repeater, I had to explicitly select for which AP it should 
work as repeater. Please check your router manual if there is some 
information about the necessary steps to make repeater mode work.

> And I cannot ping across the air gap...

I suppose you mean machine *.10 can ping router *.1 but not router *.2 and 
machine *.100 can ping router *.2 but not router *.1. Probably you can't 
disable ping replies only for the radio port but you could check that in 
your router setup. Finally there might be the option to ping *.1 from *.2 
and vice versa if you have a ping command at the routers.


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