Installing Ubuntu from floppy disk?

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at
Sun Nov 25 06:43:03 UTC 2007

Ashley Benton spake thusly :
> Hi,
> I have a very old computer using windows 3.1 and not really working. I
> wanted to install Ubuntu on it for my son. This computer has only a
> floppy drive and apparently no programs to go on internet. Is it
> possible to install Ubuntu from floppy disks? How do I create the floppy
> disks? If I try to move a copy of my ubuntu cd inside the floppy disk,
> Ubuntu tells me that there is not enough space. Any advice would be
> welcome.

Your biggest problem is the fact that the computer originally ran
Windows 3.1 (or perhaps even was an upgrade from strictly DOS before that).

Nothing from that era is going to accommodate the vast majority of
modern Linux distributions.  Considering a single CD holds up to 700 MB
of *compressed* files you're probably going to run into problems.

The last computer I had running Windows 3.1 was a 486 with *8* Mb of RAM
and a 350 Mb hard drive (circa 1993). It did have a CD-ROM drive but
that is meaningless in this case.  There is no way it would meet the
requirements to run Ubuntu (or Fedora, SUSE, Debian, Mandriva......).

If you do find a Linux distro that will work on it (and I'm sure they
are out there) you're not going to be getting a nice GUI with it (KDE,
XFCE or -as in Ubuntu- GNOME). It's going to be strictly command line stuff

Maybe something like twm would run on it? I'm not sure....

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