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Sun Nov 25 03:14:45 UTC 2007

John Dangler spake thusly :
> On Sat, 2007-11-24 at 05:48 -0500, Gavin Katts wrote:
>> Good day everybody
>> I am a linux newbie. I have been using ubuntu feisty fawn since it was
>> released. I have several niggling little faults that I need iron out.
>> I have installed ubuntu on my laptop as a dual boot system with THAT
>> OTHER OPERATING SYSTEM. There is only one app that I have to use in
>> windows that prevents me from making a complete switch. Unfortunately
>> it
>> is not available for Linux. I can run it through wine, but in demo
>> mode
>> only. It is a cad package called Genes1s. The problem comes when I
>> have
>> to install the USB dongle. It involves over-writing two dll`s. This
>> does
>> not seem to want to work, or I am not doing it correctly. I need help
>> copying files the two files into the Genes1s directory. I have tried
>> it
>> with the wine program manager but it does not work or I am doing
>> something wrong.
>> Please help
>> Gavin
> I also have one of those programs, and it uses a dongle.  Wine was
> useless for this app.  I was able to get the program up in
> vmware-server, but the dongle would not cooperate.  There was another
> thread here not too long ago that spoke of a similar issue, in which a
> response was made to plug the usb dongle in prior to powering on the
> virtual machine (although I have not tried this yet, I intend to give it

I've heard this works quite nicely with VirtualBox (the proprietary
freeware version only).


I'm currently using the open source edition (that's about to change)
which doesn't support USB at all.

I've never used an OS I didn't (dis)like.
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