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Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at
Sun Nov 25 01:51:49 UTC 2007

Richard spake thusly:
> Well, after using (K)ubuntu's for about 3 years, I can say, coming from Mac 
> and Windows, there are some gaps in Linux apps that need to be filled:
> Email Clients: Linux's does have some good email clients,
> However...they are not fully integrated, into the OS, as "Outlook", 

How is Outlook integrated into Windows anymore than Kontact is
integrated into KDE? I've used Outlook (on and off ) for years and I
don't recall how it's "integrated" any differently than Kontact (or
Evolution in the case of GNOME).

> Secondly, there are allot  on-line services plug-ins, for "Outlook", like Plaxo 
> which is "Great" for keeping your contacts up-to date. ( plus ) you see other 
> plaxo member's, in your emails, that you may or maynot have as a contact. 

I've never bothered with Plaxo because it's useless to me unless I pay
for it (and I'm not willing to). I can't recall any other plugins I've
ever used for Outlook right now. I know they exist, but I've never come
across any that interested me (unless I was missing a spam filter that
actually works - Outlook's sucks. But come to think of it, Outlook
sucks, period).


> Again, taking the good from Outlook, Eudora, and SQL, and MS Office Pro,
> and making a better Koffice (kde-pim) a better product.

I'd file a bug report (wishlist) with KDE....

> Its a pain to update and maintaining a list of 1219 contacts, since about 85% 
> of them now use plaxo it just makes since.
> Searching on 879,683 Thousand emails for something, is slow... in Kmail
> hence a sql backend, for speed.

879,683 x 1000 (unimaginable)?

Or 879,683 (hard for this guy -with *only* 40-50K- to fathom)?

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