Gutsy is unusable for many, but an official statement is missing

Robert Koberg rob at
Sat Nov 24 15:37:15 UTC 2007

Well... I have the same problem. I am on:
-  a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop (it seems that dell laptop users have
most of the problems??)
- radeon mobility 1400
. I haven't seen anything in the 'how to debug' docs that applies. The
system freezes randomly, apparently. By freeze, I mean nothing works --
I have to hold down the power button to turn off the machine and hit it
again to turn it on. I am writng this message from OSx because I can't
rely on my ubuntu managed machine. I don't know how to report a bug on
this type of thing.

When I do use my ubuntu machine, I log in and quickly try to download
any updates desperately hoping it will fix the problem. I am preparing
myself for reinstalling windows so that I don't have to endure the
ridicule on how my 'superior' operating system increases productivity...

oh well, mostly venting as I don't expect anything productive to come
from this post...

On Fri, 2007-11-23 at 15:45 +0000, Andy wrote:
> On 22/11/2007, Tim Fuchs <tim.fuchs at> wrote:
> > I have some serious issues with Ubuntu Gutsy, it crashes/freezes all
> > the time, sometimes it takes some hours sometimes it just takes
> > minutes.
> Unfortunately the information you have provided is extremely vague. No
> developer is ever going to know where to look. Is it repeatable? If so
> what exact pattern or events repeats it?
> When it crashes does pushing Ctrl+Alt+F1 show you a text logon (wait a
> few seconds). If so it means the kernel is still alive, if not it
> could be a bug in the kernel or one or more of it's modules.
> If so the first thing you need to do is unload ALL proprietary
> modules. If it is repeatable with just the open source modules then
> there may be a chance of fixing it. If it doesn't crash without the
> proprietary modules then you know one of them is stuffed.
> Also unload ndiswrapper if your using it, it can be buggy as it's
> running proprietary Windows drivers which were never designed to run
> on Linux.
> Then remove all peripherals apart from keyboard, mouse and screen. Use
> it for however long it normally takes to crash then run it a bit more.
> If it doesn't crash then it could be a hardware issue.
> Maybe an output from lsmod would be helpful? Then it might be possible
> to find a "common point of failure".
> Failing that try #ubuntu-bugs on Freenode IRC (ideally from a
> different computer) they may be able to offer advice on how to obtain
> the information needed to fix the problem.
> > I'm sorry if this mail sounds a bit harsh, but I, and many others, are
> > left with hardly usable systems and nobody on Launchpad/Forums/IRC can
> > provide any help.
> The information you provide is to vague.
> You could also see if you can obtain any of the information listed at:
> Another tip is after the system boots type Ctrl+Alt+1 and log in at
> the text login.
> Use until system crashes, it may print stuff on the screen. (Not sure
> if you can make the kernel display more useful information to the
> screen). Make sure you have a pen and paper to write anything down.
> Andy
> -- 
> Computers are like air conditioners.  Both stop working, if you open windows.
>                 -- Adam Heath

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