email strangeness

Caleb Marcus caleb.marcus at
Sat Nov 24 06:12:02 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-11-23 at 19:26 -0500, John Dangler wrote:

> I received an email earlier today that, when I selected it, the viewer
> window showed _Formatting Message_ .
> For some reason, it also shows this same message when selecting any
> other message in my inbox.  If I close evolution and re-0pen it, all is
> returned to normal until I select that particular message again.
> Has anyone seen anything like this in evo on Ubuntu (or anywhere else in
> Linux for that matter).  I've sent a message to the sender (someone I
> know) to ask what the message was, but I would like to know what the
> problem is, since I notice that the app message toolbar at the bottom of
> evo has had the animated icon in motion with the text _Formatting
> message_ since I selected the message in question over an hour ago...

Evo really does have issues... it can't multitask, so if it's
downloading mail, you can't view messages until the download is done (or
you stop it with the stop button.) And, if it has some issue rendering
the message, it'll get stuck on "Formatting Message" and not let you
view any other messages until it's done. You should try hitting the
Cancel button and seeing if that fixes it.
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