Linux Wish List ( Email Client )

Caleb Marcus caleb.marcus at
Sat Nov 24 06:07:42 UTC 2007

Evolution has instant (and I mean instant) search using indexing,
integration with the OS (it shows calendar and to-do items in the clock
applet) and supports pretty much everything Outlook supports...
On Fri, 2007-11-23 at 16:15 -0500, Richard wrote:

> Well, after using (K)ubuntu's for about 3 years, I can say, coming from Mac 
> and Windows, there are some gaps in Linux apps that need to be filled:
> Email Clients: Linux's does have some good email clients,
> However...they are not fully intergrated, into the OS, as "Outlook", 
> Secondly, there are allot on-line services plug-ins, for "Outlook", like Plaxo 
> which is "Great" for keeping your contacts up-to date. ( plus ) you see other 
> plaxo member's, in your emails, that you may or maynot have as a contact.
> However..."Outlook" suffers from the single file database or .pst files,
> which can easily become corrupted, compare to KMail, which keeps messages,
> in maildir or mbox format, its a better solution (But Sql Backend would be 
> better), plus Kmail has has better filtering than Outlook, but not as good, 
> compare to Eudora ( which can use multiply statements ) "if or and "..etc, on 
> a single filter. ( one time, I used 9 statements on a single filter )
> Koffice, is coming around, but due to KDE 4, there still not there yet,
> as a unified Office product (excluding Openoffice) where you can go back and 
> forth, between apps, (aka: Outlook and MS Word to Excel and have vb scripts)
> that can tied apps together, for data processing, of data.
> The Ideal client for me, would be Kmail with Sql backend, and with Online 
> Services plugins (like Plaxo....etc) plus Eudora's filtering methods, and a 
> full contact manager and word processor and calender all intergrated into 
> each other, with scripting, plus the intergrated in the OS. A plug-ins 
> folders for options would be nice too. (aka: Thunderbird )
> Again, taking the good from Outlook, Eudora, and SQL, and MS Office Pro,
> and making a better Koffice (kde-pim) a better product.
> Its a pain to update and maintaining a list of 1219 contacts, since about 85% 
> of them now use plaxo it just makes since.
> Searching on 879,683 Thousand emails for something, is slow... in Kmail
> hence a sql backend, for speed.
> Again, keep in mind, unified application's "That" are keeping up with the
> technologies of today, like: ajax ,flash web 2.0, ".net"..etc
> intergrated into Linux, that would get more people's attention, instead of eye 
> candy.
> Just my 2 cents wish list
> ---
> Rich
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