Firewall Setup / Shoreline

Karl-Heinz Schulz karlheinz at
Sat Nov 24 04:50:05 UTC 2007

I meant that I "did" installed the two packages before

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I install both of them

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On Saturday 24 November 2007 07:36:22 Bruce Marshall wrote:
> On Friday 23 November 2007, Karl-Heinz Schulz wrote:
> > I have followed the tutorial to set up the firewall (shoreline) but 
> > I still cannot my box from the outside via http or ssh/
> Here's a scan of your ports:
> Starting Nmap 4.20 ( ) at 2007-11-23 19:27 EST 
> Interesting ports on
> Not shown: 1680 filtered ports
> 21/tcp   open   ftp
> 22/tcp   closed ssh

May be you haven't installed openssh-server and apache? By default Ubuntu
desktop doesn't install them.
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