Linux Wish List ( Email Client )

Richard cms0009 at
Fri Nov 23 21:15:41 UTC 2007

Well, after using (K)ubuntu's for about 3 years, I can say, coming from Mac 
and Windows, there are some gaps in Linux apps that need to be filled:

Email Clients: Linux's does have some good email clients,
However...they are not fully intergrated, into the OS, as "Outlook", 
Secondly, there are allot on-line services plug-ins, for "Outlook", like Plaxo 
which is "Great" for keeping your contacts up-to date. ( plus ) you see other 
plaxo member's, in your emails, that you may or maynot have as a contact.

However..."Outlook" suffers from the single file database or .pst files,
which can easily become corrupted, compare to KMail, which keeps messages,
in maildir or mbox format, its a better solution (But Sql Backend would be 
better), plus Kmail has has better filtering than Outlook, but not as good, 
compare to Eudora ( which can use multiply statements ) "if or and "..etc, on 
a single filter. ( one time, I used 9 statements on a single filter )

Koffice, is coming around, but due to KDE 4, there still not there yet,
as a unified Office product (excluding Openoffice) where you can go back and 
forth, between apps, (aka: Outlook and MS Word to Excel and have vb scripts)
that can tied apps together, for data processing, of data.

The Ideal client for me, would be Kmail with Sql backend, and with Online 
Services plugins (like Plaxo....etc) plus Eudora's filtering methods, and a 
full contact manager and word processor and calender all intergrated into 
each other, with scripting, plus the intergrated in the OS. A plug-ins 
folders for options would be nice too. (aka: Thunderbird )

Again, taking the good from Outlook, Eudora, and SQL, and MS Office Pro,
and making a better Koffice (kde-pim) a better product.

Its a pain to update and maintaining a list of 1219 contacts, since about 85% 
of them now use plaxo it just makes since.

Searching on 879,683 Thousand emails for something, is slow... in Kmail
hence a sql backend, for speed.

Again, keep in mind, unified application's "That" are keeping up with the
technologies of today, like: ajax ,flash web 2.0, ".net"..etc
intergrated into Linux, that would get more people's attention, instead of eye 

Just my 2 cents wish list

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