How do I get back...

David Vincent dvincent at
Fri Nov 23 19:20:51 UTC 2007

Michael wrote:
> When Ubuntu is first installed to a system with a wifi card it has a 
> panel applet that shows what networks are available.  I lost that and 
> can't find a way to get it back.  Can someone tell me what it is called 
> or where I can find it.  I found a few that do the same thing but I like 
> the original.

That is called NetworkManager.  Perhaps you turned it off in the 
Sessions applet?

System --> Preferences --> Sessions --> Startup Programs tab

It will also disappear if you remove the "Notification Area" from your 
panel.  Right-click your panel, choose "Add to Panel", scroll to the 
bottom to the "Utilities" section and try to add it back - you will get 
notified if one is already there, you are only allowed to add one to 
your panel.

You can also disable it by placing some special files in /etc/default, 
look for two files there named NetworkManager and 
NetworkManagerDispatcher.  If they exist *and* if they contain the word 
"exit" NetworkManager will not start when the system boots.  Remove them 
and it will startup again on the next boot.

You can also disable it by uninstalling it - did you do that perhaps?


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