How to disable icon stretch in Gnome Desktop?

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Fri Nov 23 16:30:57 UTC 2007

> Perhaps you should consider rethinking your policy on saving things to
> the desktop... you could create some sort of permanent directory
> structure linked to from the desktop (the "Student" folder, for example)
> and have them use that to store their files.
> If you want to really rethink the way they use their computers, you
> could set up user accounts for each of them, and they can have their
> own, private place to store files (private from other students, not from
> you) and they can mess with the background all they want without
> annoying other students or you. My old school used a roaming profiles
> system with their eMac computers, which worked really well, because
> every student had their own folder to store files that no one else could
> get into (except the admin, of course) and could change the settings,
> background, etc. to whatever they wanted. The best part was that because
> the profiles (home folders) were stored on a central server, they could
> log in from any computer in the school and their settings and files
> would follow them. I'm not sure exactly how to set that up in Ubuntu,
> but it's definitely possible.

I should have probably been more specific, this is in a thin client environment where 
all users already have their own personal account on the central server.  I have the 
backgrounds and themes already locked with gconf-editor.  I think locking out the 
users desktop for saving may be more annoying for the user than it is worth.  I just 
wanted to be sure when administration, parents, or representatives from other schools 
do a walk through, there isn't a bunch of full screen photos on the user desktops of 
half naked women or something else that may be disturbing.  While this is a problem 
with the students in question, it can catch us by surprise sometimes, and I would 
rather take more preventative steps.  I will consider changing policy for saving to 
the desktop.  I was just hoping I was missing a simple key for gconf that could 
quickly force all icons back to normal size.

Thanks again for the suggestions.


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