Installing Ubuntu from floppy disk?

David Vincent dvincent at
Fri Nov 23 16:00:07 UTC 2007

Ashley Benton wrote:
> It seems that you are right I have a quantum pro drive lps and another 
> hard drive of 850 mb  but  it doesn't make the  2 gb  require. I will 
> buy another hard drive before to try. Thanks again
> Meg

You'll probably find that any modern drive you buy is too big for that 
old machine and it either won't see it or won't see much of it.  (Can 
you find anything new under 40gig where you are?  Do you have a computer 
recycling place or a user computer parts place to go to?)  Locating an 
older 4-10gig drive is probably your best option so you're not paying 
good money on a new drive which your machine only sees a small 
percentage of.

Here's a discussion of that problem:

"In general, computer systems with a BIOS dated 1998 or later can work 
with drives up to 32 gigabytes (GB) in size. The 32GB barrier is due to 
the inability of the BIOS to address an LBA that is larger than 
66,060,287. Only in the most recent computer systems has the BIOS been 
upgraded to work with drives larger than 32GB. In addition, in some 
computers, a 64GB barrier is still to be overcome. So, the primary limit 
to the size of the hard drive your computer can use is the LBA limit of 
your system's BIOS."


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