How to change gnome-terminal command line behavior from scrolling left mode to wrapping mode

Thilo Six T.Six at
Thu Nov 22 21:37:36 UTC 2007

primorec wrote the following on 20.11.2007 08:31
> How to prevent gnome-terminal to scroll the command line toward left,
> when the command line is longer then the width of the terminal ? I do
> prefer the  wrap-around functionality.
> system: UBUNTU Gutsy 7.10
> Regards
> Igor

$ man readline
horizontal-scroll-mode (Off)
   When  set  to  On, makes readline use a single line for display,
   scrolling the input horizontally on a single screen line when it
   becomes  longer  than the screen width rather than wrapping to a
   new line.

Since the default is your desired behavior i assume you have modified it in
your config somewhere.

you might overwrite it with:

$ echo "set horizontal-scroll-mode off" >> ~/.bashrc

after that open a new term and test - if that works look through your config

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