Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Thu Nov 22 15:40:12 UTC 2007

NoOp wrote:

> On 11/21/2007 03:42 PM, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> OK, this is annoying the hell out of me.
>> In konqueror, sometimes dns lookups are failing - I think it's a problem
>> with my router configuration, but that isn't the issue - and then I
>> _always_ get redirected to wwwh.found-not-help.com!  I would _far_ rather
>> get a generic "domain not found" message.
>> Can anyone say, is this happening in the Ubuntu resolver, Konqueror, or
>> <shudder> my ISP's DNS.  Can anyone tell me how to find out?
>> fwiw, I can invariably back up one page and get the page I was looking
>> for.
> Perhaps it's your isp?

I suspect you're right.

Doh.  Somebody forgot to google :-)  Thanks, noop

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