RipperX filename/title patch

R.K. reikku at
Wed Nov 21 19:17:09 UTC 2007

Attached is a patch against Ubuntu's version of RipperX 2.7.0.  It corrects
the following bugs and misfeatures:

In src/
- The 'install' rule disregarded changes to the binary.

In src/cddb.c:
- cddb_handle_data() overzealously removed shell characters from CDDB info.
It should only remove unprintable characters.

- cddb_handle_data() attempted to force correct directory names by
converting spaces in the artist and album names to underscores.  This is
incorrect because the directory name is generated by
src/misc_utils.c:create_filenames_from_format(), which may insert spaces
arbitrarily.  The early conversion also propagates underscores into ID3

In src/misc_utils.c:
- remove_non_unix_chars() included a small subset of the characters that may
require escaping.

- put_track_title() assumed that slashes in a track name always indicate the
artist for that track, an idiosyncratic interpretation that prevents the use
of slashes for any other purpose (such as separating multiple song names).
The main dialog needs an optional artist entry field for each track.

- create_filenames_from_format() did not convert spaces to underscores.

- Several compiler warnings were addressed.
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