More Mutt, Root Mail, No Mailbox Stuff

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Wed Nov 21 17:22:51 UTC 2007

--- Marius Gedminas <marius at> wrote:

> > bootup and logging into terminal, messages say I
> have
> > mail(there should be as there were many messages
> from
> > the upgrade that root should get) so I open mutt
> and
> > the status bar at bottom say "no mailbox".
> However,
> > there are two such mailboxes in /var/mail and
> > /var/spool/mail.
> What does echo $MAIL say for you?  Are you setting
> the MAIL variable in
> your .bashrc/.bash_profile?  Are you setting
> $spoolfile in your
> ~/.muttrc?
Echo $MAIL says /var/spool/mail/lchata which is what I
had setup in Feisty. Never have looked at .bashrc as I
recall nor do I have a .bash_profile or a ~/.muttrc
according to cat and locate. There is an example file
of .bash_profile in /esr/share/doc/*etc. My ~/.muttrc
# Sets the Mail Environment Variable
export MAIL=var/spool/mail/lchata

> Also, you can always open those mailboxes directly
> with mutt -f
> /var/mail/whatever

 Never tried before today but yes can do on both.

> > This is a long standing issue with me as most will
> > remember and I would like very much to get it
> resolved
> > very much so. I elected to use the maintainers
> conf on
> > everything so as not to carry over any feisty
> setup
> > conf. I still suspect this issue involves elements
> of
> > not having a FQDN, Muttrc and but after
> much
> > googling and reading, I haven't a clue what to do.
> If you have a mailbox in /var/mail, then FQDN and
> are
> irrelevant.  Muttrc might be relevant.
I'm reading what you say(and have now read Muttrc
again) so how does one get root mail?  Root mail is
the main issue as I use Yahoo web mail and have no
real need for multi user local mail delivery; just
root mail delivery. Also, /var/log/mail.log has this
interesting item(revalent I think):

Nov 21 11:17:16 ubuntu postfix/qmgr[1883]:
2E23C108017: to=<root at>, relay=none,
delay=9003, delays=9003/0.03/0/0, dsn=4.3.5,
status=deferred (delivery temporarily suspended: Host
or domain name not found. Name service error for type=A: Host not found).
Anticipating your reply I have included my /etc/hosts:

chata at ubuntu:/var/log$ cat /etc/hosts localhost    ubuntu
(Note: is not a real FQDN)
Thanks Marius for your incite and help,

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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