(New to Kubuntu/ Linux) Update/ upgrade difficulties Thunderbird.

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Nov 21 12:15:39 UTC 2007

NoOp wrote:

> Ubuntu's version is outdated; TB is now at to fix a couple of
> security issues:

I really wish people would stop spreading this sort of FUD about Ubuntu. 
Check the changelogs _before_ making a statement like this, please.

By definition, packages in a stable release of either Ubuntu or Debian will
not get version updates (except in a -backports repository).  So,
thunderbird in Gutsy will probably always be version  However,
security vulnerabilities will be fixed by applying the patch to the
_stable_ code - as has been done on (note, the two vulnerabilities
noted in the link above are the first and last of this changelog):

$ aptitude changelog thunderbird
thunderbird ( gutsy-security;

  * security/stability update (pre fetched from CVS):
  * MFSA 2007-29 aka CVE-2007-5339 (browser), CVE-2007-5340 (javascript)
  * MFSA 2007-30 aka CVE-2007-1095
  * MFSA 2007-31 aka CVE-2007-2292
  * MFSA 2007-32 aka CVE-2007-3511, CVE-2006-2894
  * MFSA 2007-33 aka CVE-2007-5334
  * MFSA 2007-34 aka CVE-2007-5337
  * MFSA 2007-35 aka CVE-2007-5338
  * MFSA 2007-36 aka CVE-2007-4841 (windows only)


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