How to change gnome-terminal command line behavior from scrolling left mode to wrapping mode

primorec geda.mail at
Wed Nov 21 07:25:44 UTC 2007

Lorenzo, thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately,  your suggestion does not solve  the issue I have with
the gnome-terminal behaviour.
I am not asking for the help  how to change the behaviour of the
___vertical___ scrolling.
My question is related to the horizontal scrolling.
 For example, when I type a looooooong  command line, I do not want
that the CL (command line)  starts shifting
toward left when I reach the right terminal border (aka right terminal
edge).  I want that my typing continues on the next line (aka wrap
I˙ve spent already hours googling the net to no avail.

Any help (hint, advice, pointer to the RTFM) is more than welcome.


On Nov 20, 2007 8:06 AM, Lorenzo Taylor <daxlinux at> wrote:
> Just edit your profile and click on the scrolling tab. Then untick the
> box that says "scroll on keystrokes". Works for me, but of course your
> mileage may vary.
> BTW, thanks for the question. I actually learn a lot from my attempts to
> answer such questions. I didn't even realize until I looked for your
> answer that command line wrapping was possible.
> Live long and prosper,
> Lorenzo
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