Linux printer share quit working

Alex Janssen alex at
Wed Nov 21 03:18:58 UTC 2007

I've been printing to an Ubuntu 6.06 server sharing a plain text printer 
for over a year now.  Today it started refusing connections.  I have 
reviewed the setup and am at a loss to explain why it just quit.  
Updates had not been applied, so that's out.

The setup is a CUPS printer shared by Samba.  Samba security was set to 
share level and the printer was available to the general public on our 
local network of 12 nodes.

Users were printing to it this morning and suddenly it started refusing 
connections from smbspool on a SCO Unix box.  They rebooted all 
computers involved before alerting me.  I had been addressing this 
printer as smb://servername/printer for over a year with no incidents.

SCO Unix reports via email:
  Your request pr6-76476 destined for pr6 encountered an error
  while printing on printer pr6.
  Reason for failure:
     ERROR: Error writing file: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

I have played with the server all day, including downloading all 
updates, trying to get it to accept print requests, to no avail.

I see a file created in /tmp, the dir spec'd for spooling in smb.conf, 
but it is always 0 bytes.

Any ideas?


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