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anthony baldwin anthony.baldwin01 at
Wed Nov 21 02:50:44 UTC 2007

anthony baldwin wrote:
> Fajar Priyanto wrote:
>> On Wednesday 21 November 2007 07:08:40 anthony baldwin wrote:
>>> Incidentally, the new card is a Diamond Xtreme 5.1
>>> I read here ( tht these work
>>> well with Linux.
>>> I'm starting to believe that the issue has nothing to do with the sound
>>> card,
>>> but, I am getting no software errors.
>>> Well, except FATAL FATAL from modprobe...see above.
>> Hello Tony,
>> Maybe you just need to enable PCM2 (open sound manager by double clicking the 
>> speaker icon)? I'm experiencing the same with my onboard card on Compaq 
>> v3000. I need to enable PCM2 then the sound comes :D
>> HTH,
> Speaker icon?
> I don't see that anywhere.
> Open sound manager?
> Is that gnome stuff?
> I'm using kde.
> the PCM thingy in Kmix was enabled,
> but I don't see any PCM2, though.
> I appreciate your efforts.
> thanks,
> tony

Dude.....this sounds SO AWESOME!
After I installed the DiamondMM card, I had neglected to disable
the onboard audio in the BIOS settings.
Which I have since done.
And, man, this sound kicks the pants off the onboard sound!
I recommend one of these (Diamond MM Xtreme 5.1)
I have the sound going out to both, my 3 speaker PC speaker system (with 
AND, out to my stereo, I´ve got total surround sound.

Ya no puedo mas, compartir tus labios!

(Maná rocks)


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