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Tue Nov 20 22:24:07 UTC 2007

On 11/20/2007 04:42 AM, TEREZA SIMCIC wrote:
> Hi Darryl Tidd,
> I have the same problem today. As I'm a complete beginner in Ubuntu, as well
> as in Linux, but I worked before in WinXP environment well with LAMP, I
> didn't know how to solve the problem.
> I tried once again installing apache2 and PHP as it is suggested here:
> but I installed also Mysql before testing everything. Afterwards the problem
> gone?! I'm experimenting with Ubuntu and I've reinstalled it in last few
> days few times, and this problem with LAMP appeared only today. Thus I
> really don't know why this happened.
> Cheers, Tereza

If you have Gnome desktop & synaptics on the system, reinstall from

System|Administration|Synaptic...|Edit|Mark Packages by Task|Lamp Server

Alternately, from the command line:

sudo tasksel install lamp-server

That will install all of the lamp server meta packages. See:

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